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Power up your future tech and Sci-Fi world building with this Sound Design Bundle of user interface goodies. Enhance your gadgets, holograms, radar sweeps, scans, HUDs, and other technology with these backgrounds, bloops, bleeps, swishes, and clicks. This Sound Design Bundle is a great fit for science fiction, fantasy, utopian or dystopian projects.

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The dark alley glows red with a flickering red neon sign. Transforming the gray drizzle into tiny crimson rubies that splash into the rank, oily puddles. You consult the cerulean glow of your wrist computer, fingers flying over its conductive surface. Damn. Backup would have been a good idea. 
Your cochlear implant chimes as turn-by-turn directions feed straight into your brain. Following the glowing green line superimposed on your visual cortex, which winds up the fire escape, rising some twenty floors up the decaying building that looms above.
You mutter a curse, climb over the roof of a burned-out car and make your way across the narrow rim of an overflowing dumpster. Leaping, you catch the bottom rung of the building’s rusted fire escape, which groans under your weight and leaves you dangling and vulnerable. A proximity alarm blares in your skull. Not a second later you feel the metallic grip of the android’s hand close around your ankle like a vice.
Award-winning sound designer, Jason T. Edwards, has created and curated this palette of Sound Design Elements to sweeten any production with Heads Up Displays, Holographic Computers or Future Tech. Pairs well with Cosmic Horizons, Retro Tech, Subterranean, and Kaiju and Creatures.
Note: There is no overlap between sounds in the libraries with the exception of Sample Pack 01.
Key Features:
  • 49 files (334.3 MB)
  • Cover art, PDF, and CSV files
  • Fully mastered at 79dB SPL, 24-bit/96kHz broadcast .wav files
  • Universal Category System (UCS)
  • 100% Royalty-Free
  • LFE Hi-Cut at 120Hz   
  • This bundle contains Mono and Stereo files. 
  • Basic UCS-compliant metadata ensures compatibility across database search platforms


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