Increase the pressure with this Sound Design Bundle of marrow-rattling rumbles and booms. Expand the drama of whatever ominous thing you’re about to unleash on your audience—distant war machines, the throb of a fusion drive, oppressive static, or the pulsing reactor that really shouldn’t be making that noise. 


Thunderous vibrations threaten to knock the fillings loose from your teeth. You can’t tell if it’s coming from under the street or above the cloud layer. Maybe both. Now that they’re back, and all hope has left with their arrival. Nobody thought they’d return—not completely. 
But humans never learn, they’d said. Now it was time for some somber lessons. 
These tense, modulating underlayers will inject some serious heft into your sound design across the genres. Add muscle to your production with these droning tones and edgy oscillations. Note that this bundle consists mainly of low-frequency effects (LFE), and should be auditioned with headphones or a good listening environment that incorporates a subwoofer.
Award-winning sound designer, Jason T. Edwards, has created and curated this palette of Sound Design Elements to sweeten your productions regardless of genre. Pairs well with anything that demands some rumble. 
Note: There is no overlap between sounds in the libraries with the exception of Free Sample Pack 01.
Key Features:
  • 19 files (363.5 MB)
  • Cover art, PDF, and CSV files
  • Fully mastered at 79dB SPL, 24-bit/96kHz broadcast .wav files
  • Universal Category System (UCS)
  • 100% Royalty-Free
  • LFE Hi-Cut at 120Hz   
  • This bundle contains Mono and Stereo files.
  • Basic UCS-compliant metadata ensures compatibility across database search platforms


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