Angels and Demons


Infuse magic and menace into your project with the Angels and Demons Sound Design Bundle. These dramatic sounds add tension and intensity to your surrealist piece, experimental drama, or mythological soundscapes.




The primordial scream echoing through the graveyard got the hairs on the back of your neck quivering, but it was the sinister demon whispers coming from the crypt that finally got you running for your life.

This collection of demented whispers, paranormal screams, disturbing stingers, and unique tones and ambiances from beyond the veil will lodge under your skin and stay there. Whether you’re channeling the supernatural, conjuring aural spells, or weaving a suspenseful sound tapestry, there’s something in this Sound Design Bundle that is sure to enchant and mystify.

Award-winning Sound Designer, Jason T. Edwards, has created and curated this palette of Sound Design Elements to sweeten your epic battle between good and evil. Covering everything from Thrillers, Dark Fantasies, Dystopian Myths, or pretty much anything that needs a dark edge. Pairs well with the Fright Night and Subterranean Bundles.

Note: There is no overlap between sounds in the libraries with the exception of Sample Pack 01.

Key Features:
56 files (399 MB)
Cover art, PDF, and CSV files
Fully mastered at 79dB SPL, 24-bit/96kHz broadcast .wav files
Universal Category System (UCS)
100% Royalty-Free
LFE Hi-Cut at 120Hz
This bundle contains Mono, Stereo, Quad, 5.0, and 5.1 WAV files. Quad, 5.0 and Surround files are formatted to the DTS Standard of L-R-Ls-Rs-C-LFE
Basic UCS-compliant metadata ensures compatibility across database search platforms


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