Fright Night


Transform into the maniacal puppet master you’ve always wanted to be with this collection of hair-raising distortions, unsettling swoops, supernatural swooshes, and disembodied whispers and screams. Adding these Sound Design Elements to your bag of evil implements is sure to drive your listener insane…in the very best way.



The last time you summoned the demon, it didn’t go well. Foolishly, you find yourself doing it all over again. 
Turn the cinematic dread up to eleven with this collection perfect for manifesting jump scares, alien invasions, or paranormal tension. Need some ominous resonance? Here it is. Induce fear and paranoia while fueling the nightmares that will come from your horror, monster, occult, or slasher production. 
Award-winning sound designer, Jason T. Edwards, has created and curated this palette of Sound Design Elements to sweeten your Horror, Paranormal, Creature, Occult, Slasher, Dark Fantasy, and Monster Movie productions. Pairs well with Angels and Demons and Subterranean.
Note: There is no overlap between sounds in the libraries with the exception of Sample Pack 01.
Key Features:
  • 115 files (1.14 GB)
  • Cover art, PDF, and CSV files
  • Fully mastered at 79dB SPL, 24-bit/96kHz broadcast .wav files
  • Universal Category System (UCS)
  • 100% Royalty-Free
  • LFE Hi-Cut at 120Hz   
  • This bundle contains Mono, Stereo, Quad, 5.0, and 5.1 WAV files. Quad, 5.0 and Surround files are formatted to the DTS Standard of L-R-Ls-Rs-C-LFE
  • Basic UCS-compliant metadata ensures compatibility across database search platforms


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